Authorize.Net Updates: What They Mean for Your Online Store

If you have an E-Commerce store, you know how important transaction security is to your business. Here at Element 74, we use as our payment gateway provider for a lot of our our websites’ e-commerce solutions. has always provided a very reliable and secure service for processing payments online, and they’re announcing a few changes in 2016 that will help increase their reliability and security including:

  • Partnering with Akamai to increase reliability and availability of their services using Akamai SureRoute.
  • Disabling RC4 cipher suites for enhanced security and safety.
  • Making changes to Batch and Transaction IDs.

They are also working on an official date to disable TLS 1.0 and will most likely disable TLS 1.1 at the same time.


To help better understand these items, we will break them down for you and explain how Element 74 is taking care of things.  We will first explore the partnership between and Akamai. has always taken pride, in its high availability and reliability, by partnering with Akamai, one of the largest CDNs in the world.

So, what is a CDN and how it is going to be beneficial?  

A CDN is a large network of servers or nodes that help distribute content from multiple locations. For example, if you are buying a shirt from an e-commerce website powered by Element 74, when you checkout, the website connects to servers at their data center to process the transaction.

That sounds great, but what if something happens to the data center or the servers were taken down through malicious actions?  

With the addition of Akamai this is not the case anymore; now with a large network of servers delivering the content all over the world, there is no longer a single point of failure.  With a large network of proxy server delivering the content, instead of always having to connect to their data center, which depending where you are coming from can increase the time considerably, websites will now find the closest server with the content and process the transaction.  This will increase performance quite a bit. announced they would be making this switch in two phases:

  • Phase 1 July 2015 – June 2016: This phase allowed the use of the new Akamai network, this allowed Element 74 to test the our e-commerce solution making sure everything would rollover smoothly.
  • Phase 2 June 2016 – During this time any website or e-commerce solution that uses and hasn’t updated its system to use Akamai’s network will automatically be redirected.  This phase is just to make sure all traffic uses Akamai.

To find out more about Akamai’s SureRoute you can always use their FAQ page to read more about it.  Not only are they speeding up their transaction process, they are also beefing up their security as well to keep up with today’s security standards.