Server Report: April 18th, 2018

On April 18, 2018, at approximately 2:20/1:20 PM EST/CST, Element 74’s monitoring software alerted our Network and Support teams of a data center network connectivity issue affecting our web servers co-located at Cogeco/Peer 1’s San Antonio Data Center. A portion of Element 74’s websites were impacted by this outage. Our network operations partners at Cogeco/Peer 1 Networks and their 3rd party backbone Internet […]

Meet Aja Reutzel

Support staff members to Element 74 are like what bread is to butter; a necessity! That’s why we are excited to announce our newest member to the E74 family, Aja Reutzel! Aja, our new support specialist, comes to us from Southeast Missouri State University where he is pursuing a degree […]

Google PANDA Algorithm Update Coming Soon

Is all of the buzz around Google’s SEO algorithm changes lately making you dizzy? Here’s a quick recap of 2015, information courtesy of In early February webmasters noticed major changes in their page rankings and speculation points to either an ecommerce update or a mobile usability update, but Google […]