Before you delve too far into our FAQ page, here are some basic first step fixes to try:

  • Double check to make sure your device is plugged in (we know, it seems simple, but it happens to the best of us)
  • Turn your computer off and back on again (the mantra of any good IT staff–because it works!)
  • Is your internet connected? (Sometimes a bad connection is the most likely culprit)

Already tried all those? Check out some of our other solutions.

Email FAQ

I forgot my email password--can you tell me what it is?

Unfortunately, we can’t. Security is really important to us, so we don’t have a record of your passwords. However, we do have a reset form so you can create a new password. Find it here.

How do I setup Outlook on my computer? On my phone?

Outlook can be set up with your Element 74 email account easily–on your computer and phone! Follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base, complete with helpful screenshots. Find them here.

Why can't I send any emails from my Outlook/Thunderbird/MacMail?

Most likely, this is an issue with outgoing server settings. Click here to see a list of correct port numbers and check your email settings to be sure you’ve got the right one. If you’re using public wifi, or you’re on hotel wireless, some of the ports may be blocked and causing an issue for you. Check the port list for alternate port numbers.

Why am I not getting any email on my Outlook/Thunderbird/MacMail?

Most likely, this is an issue with incoming server settings. Click here to see a list of correct port numbers and check your email settings to be sure you’ve got the right one.

How do I use webmail instead of an email app?

Navigating webmail is a little different than using an email app–but the functionality is largely the same. Click here to learn more about how to use webmail effectively.

I'm getting an error message when sending emails through webmail. What should I do?

Error messages differ from one another. For us to help effectively, we need a screenshot of the error message. Take a screenshot of the error message and send a support ticket to our support team as soon as possible, with the date and time stamp and message details.

What's the difference between POP3 and IMAP?

Great question! The short answer is the type of email you have determines how and where your emails are stored and how they sync across devices. For more information on what they do, which is best for you, and which you have now, visit this page in our Knowledge Base.

Website FAQ

I can't remember how to use EasyPost. What can I do?

No worries; Easypost is like riding a bike. It will come back to your pretty easily, and we have a few ways you can get back in the habit. First, check out our library of documentation, with a manual for each version. If you need more specific attention, we will set you up with an hour long tutorial at our standard hourly billing rate. But if you just have a quick question, email us at [email protected]–it’s what we’re here for!

My website is not showing the changes that I made to it. How can I fix this?

First things first–try refreshing the page. We highly recommend editing and viewing in 2 different browsers; and if you’re in a version of Easypost that pre-dates the last 5 years, use Internet Explorer for the best results.

Can you make changes to my website for me?

We sure can! We can make the necessary edits that are required on a website–however, please note that if the edits are required to the website template, website configuration, or Easypost editable content regions–like changing a picture or some copy–you’ll be billed at our standard hourly bill rate. If you need a refresher course on Easypost, we can set you up with that too. Just email [email protected]

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