Secure Email User Guide

Secure Email FAQ/How-to Guide

Q.  When sending through a 3rd party client (Outlook, MacMail or thorugh a mobile device), Is SSL connection required to in order for the emails to be secure and encrypted?

  • No, SSL connection is not required but TLS is. Please see the TLS section for more information.

Q. When sending through a 3rd party client (Outlook, MacMail or thorugh a mobile device), Is TLS connection required to in order for the emails to be secure and encrypted?

  • To ensure your entire message chain is secure from start to finish, please enable your mail client to use TLS. The message chain going from your machine to our SMTP server will not be secure if this is not set. The TLS setting on your mail client varies between mail clients. It will either be TLS or Start-TLS.

Q. What if my mail client does not support TLS connection type?

  • Without TLS, the connection between your computers to the SMTP server will be sent in plain text. Mail Server Encryption does not start until you are verified as having encryption, and the message is passed to our SMTP server.You will need to use an email client that supports TLS, or use our web mail service.

Q. How do I send encrypted emails using the webmail ?

  • When you have encrypted email feature added to your email account, you will have a new sending option indicated by this button:When composing your email, make sure you always use the Send Secure button when you want an encrypted email sent.

Q.How do I send non-encrypted emails using the webmail ?

  • Non encrypted emails can be sent using the same webmail interface using the send button just as you would in non-encrypted webmail account.

Q. How do I send an encrypted email using a 3rd party client such as Outlook, MacMail or a mobile device?

  • When using an email program, a very specific string tag needs to be added to the subject line.
    * This step is very important – not including this string will not encrypt the message*

The exact string is: [encrypt]
*NOTE: The brackets are necessary.
Also, you can use the subject setting here in web mail instead of using the Send Secure button.

Q. When are my email not encrypted?

  • If you do not use the secure send option button
  • If you do not use the string [encrypt] in the subject
  • You are sending an email to someone on the same domain as yourself.
    * The message never leaves the server, so the message is still secure.*

Q. How does my recipient retrieve the encrypted email I sent?

  • When the end user receives the message, it will contain a
    SecureMessageATT.html attachment. The attachment (SecureMessageATT.html)
    is the encrypted email. When they open the html file they will see a
    screen like this:

Clicking on the “click to read message” button will result in one of two screens.

  • If the end user already has an account they will see this screen
  • If they do not have an account – they will see this screen that allows them to create an account. There is a pre-determined set of questions here in case a password reset is required in the future.

*NOTE: Please note that the password requirements listed for this service.

  • After either logging in or creating the account, they will be able to read the secure message. The account allows the user to get the key to decrypt the message.

Recipients are allowed to reply to this message which goes back to the sender.

Q. Are there any size limitations to when sending secure emails?

  • Yes. Just like the non encrypted emails, email message size is limited to 20MB per message.