Security is the most important thing when it comes to the internet. At Element 74, we’re always working on ways to offer maximum security to our customers. So we’re changing our password requirements to ensure you and your business are kept as safe as possible. (Please note: This change will not affect current passwords; it will take effect as new passwords are created.)


  • Require 8-20 characters with a combination of upper- and lowercase letters.
  • Require at least one special character
  • Require at least one number (but cannot contain more than 3 in a row).
  • Cannot start or end in a space.
  • Cannot contain the login name, email address, or domain name.
  • Cannot contain the word “password.”

These guidelines for password creation can be applied to all of your accounts across the internet–not just your Element 74 website.

Need help setting up secure and memorable passwords? Follow these steps!

Choose a favorite phrase or your life motto.
Life’s short, Eat dessert first!

Make it into an acronym

Swap a letter for a symbol.

Use a variety of capitals and lowercase letters.

Add a number onto the end.

Bonus tip: add a variation of the service the password is for to remember it. For instance, use “fb” for your Facebook password.